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I bought a hot tub this spring, and I would spend my whole day in it if that were a possibility. Buying it was simple: I did some research, checked a few out, and found what I was looking for. Since then, I needed a concrete patio put in, someone to do the electrical work, and someone to deliver the hot tub. I did a great job on the purchase (I am a great shopper) but I had no idea how to get the other stuff done, so I asked my friends and family. Wouldn’t you know it, all of them knew of people who had the skills I needed to make my hot tub installation go as smooth as possible.5889296_Artboard 1 copy

It’s so great to know people who are knowledgeable and can provide these services, and maybe that’s you. If you have an e-Discovery background and a toolbox of experience to help iCONECT clients with whatever is needed (system tips, workflow help, user management), check out our NetworX program, which is just like a friends and family referral. In this program, we train and promote people who meet the high standards of becoming an NetworX partner. Upon program completion, you will have the skills needed to be the perfect referral – to help our clients achieve their goals. You will also have direct access to our world-class Support team who are always there to answer your questions and help you work through issues.

If you are interested in learning more about our NetworX program, we have lots of information on our website here.

Winter is here now, so I have bought a garage shelter to build a tunnel from my back door to the hot tub, in the hopes of making the trip a little warmer. The shelter has a lot of pieces and a thick instruction manual, so I know the best way to get it up is to go back to my network of friends and family for help.




Olivia Cain
Post by Olivia Cain
November 18, 2021
Our moderator extraordinaire, Olivia Cain, has worked at iCONECT for 10+years. As the technical trainer and an XERA expert, she loves a challenge and finding ways to make document review easier for users. She believes something new is learned every day, and is always up for all things eDiscovery, a cold beer and a good laugh. ​ If there are any review problems that leave you confounded, get in touch with her at, and look for some ideas in our next blog posts!