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Everyone has heard: The National Archives have made the JFK assassination records available to the public. The issue is that you either need to download them one by one, or you need a way to handle a .dat file and the repository contains image-based PDFs.

iCONECT has converted the PDF files to text and built a search index, charts, graphs, quick-search folders and word-highlight reports for all the records. Now we are offering free access to a searchable repository of these historic files in the web-based iCONECT-XERA document repository platform. The archive also includes 17 audio files which you can listen to right within iCONECT-XERA, without the need for plug-ins, using the native file viewer.

Records can be searched for content or quick-searched by date, document-type, agency, to or from fielded data.

Our CEO, Ian Campbell, decided to provide free access to the JFK files in this central repository as a public service, “Everybody is curious to see what’s in these documents, but there is no easy way to get to them, and they are not searchable in their current format. Our software is used daily for data investigations in high profile legal cases around the world. It’s a perfect solution for academics, independent researchers and those who are simply curious.”

We are offering 60 days of access for free.

To request access to the JFK files in the iCONECT-XERA platform, simply go to

Lynn Frances Jae
Post by Lynn Frances Jae
October 30, 2017
Lynn Frances Jae is Marketing Director at iCONECT