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wow - fidel.pngOur CEO, Ian Campbell, has been invited to spend an hour on Friday sharing what we have learned by hosting the JFK data. Here's sneak peak at what he'll talk about: 

  • There is always that guy…
    • when most users are up and running in minutes, you still have to cater to those that aren’t quick on the uptake. 
  • Searching is the new normal…
    • even outside of eDiscovery, searching (whether on iTunes or Google) is now a part of our everyday lives
  • What else can it do…
    • users thirst for more. As soon as they figure out the basics…they are immediately looking for advanced features
  • It truly is amazing…
    • the ability to import, OCR, index and make thousands of documents available online is rocket-science to some when compared to conventional methods of research
  • Around the world in 90 seconds…
    • when launched via Twitter and social media, replies from around the world were virtually instant

He's also going to share some of the documents users have identified as particularly interesting. So, if you're curious about the JFK assassination data, but don't have time to poke around yourself, let Ian share those choice tidbits with you.

When? Friday, December 1st. 9am ET

Where? Online with ACEDS

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Lynn Frances Jae
Post by Lynn Frances Jae
November 28, 2017
Lynn Frances Jae is Marketing Director at iCONECT