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My award show continues with the final 3 nominees for the iCONECT Feature of the Year:

Here is a recap of the other 6 nominees:

feature numbers-01

CAL – Oversight and Predict

feature numbers-03

Easy Imports

feature numbers-02

NOT Folder Search Shortcut 

feature award numbers_4

COVER: Mass Action Redaction

feature award numbers_5

PII Searching 

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Comments update


Remember voting can be done today!  To vote, leave a comment with your choice for feature of the year. If you're a certified administrator, you receive three credits! We will announce the winner on Friday December 18, 2020.

feature award numbers_7Quick Productions – Introduced in 10.0, Quick Productions makes running a production super simple for users. Administrators create a production template using Production Manager. After sharing it with users, it can be used on the Productions page. Users simply choose the folder of documents they want to produce and select a template. The production runs and the users can download the results from the same page. To help productions run smoothly, in 10.4 we introduced pre-check options. Administrators can set options to be sure all documents  will produce without issue.


feature award numbers_8iCONECT API - The iCONECT API allows developers to work with objects in iCONECT, including advanced functionality like managing clients, projects, records and native files.

The iCONECT API includes documentation with examples to help you start making API calls. The iCONECT API uses common RESTful verbs: GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests with JSON arguments and JSON responses.


feature award numbers_9Project Settings for Templates – 10.3 and 10.5.2, more project settings were added. This not only helps with the current project, but also helps for any projects created from a template since the settings carry over.  Field templates for Table View and Document View and the Text tab can be designated to retain the best field layout for users. Document Groups can be identified to put your users right into Email and Attachment view with no extra clicks.


So those are the nominees. Vote below by leaving your choice for Feature of the Year in the Comments section below. If you think we missed a feature in our list of nominees, put that in the comments too!

Just remember, if you’re a certified administrator, you will receive three credits! We will announce the winner on Friday December 18, 2020.

Olivia Cain
Post by Olivia Cain
December 16, 2020
Our moderator extraordinaire, Olivia Cain, has worked at iCONECT for 10+years. As the technical trainer and an XERA expert, she loves a challenge and finding ways to make document review easier for users. She believes something new is learned every day, and is always up for all things eDiscovery, a cold beer and a good laugh. ​ If there are any review problems that leave you confounded, get in touch with her at, and look for some ideas in our next blog posts!