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The iCONECT Feature of the Year winner is...


feature award-1

COVER and PII go hand in hand, making a mass redaction workflow for sensitive information easy to set up and reuse with all matters. (ideal for FOIA)

Honorable mention to Easy Import/Productions  and Sentio CALOversight and Predict which features tied for second place.

Thank you to all who voted!

I love awards shows, so hosting my very own was a great way to end this year.

I am looking forward to happy and healthy 2021!

Olivia Cain
Director, Technical and Training Services

Olivia Cain
Post by Olivia Cain
December 18, 2020
Our moderator extraordinaire, Olivia Cain, has worked at iCONECT for 10+years. As the technical trainer and an XERA expert, she loves a challenge and finding ways to make document review easier for users. She believes something new is learned every day, and is always up for all things eDiscovery, a cold beer and a good laugh. ​ If there are any review problems that leave you confounded, get in touch with her at, and look for some ideas in our next blog posts!