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I am just going to say it: these are crazy times. I know everyone has a different point of view on how we got here, what could have been done, and where we go next, but my focus is on keeping everyone I care about safe and healthy. Our Support team has worked together in a shared space for years. (I am talking 10+ for some of us.) But now, we are all working remotely, and it has been an adjustment.

Since we have always worked in close (and comfortable) quarters for years, we could chat easily with each other, help each other with issues, and share jokes and laughs, which made working in customer support a joy most days!

SO, we are using technology to keep this up: we use Zoom for our meetings – YES with our cameras turned on – so we can stay connected. We use Skype chat to keep our conversations going so we can assist each other, share our feelings, and have a laugh.


We are also sharing our 7:30 pm support for our front-line workers #TogetherWeCanDoIt by making joyful noises on our porches, balconies, or lawns. Check out these videos of Sid and I, sharing our support:


We know this is a hard time for a lot of people, and we are doing what we can to keep our team connected. We are here for you too, so call us if you need us, and call us if you just need to reach out and see how we are. Let’s do all we can to flatten the curve as quickly as possible.

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